3015.05.21 Summer project meeting_(meeting with my supervisor )

Meeting Feedback and Record:

Part I

The focus on symbol is fine, but there is burry on design in pacific way. Approaching culture history in the design in not the central, which means you need to focus on the power of converting the symbol on design. The relationship between the form of symbol, or some boarder design culture in the society at the time, maybe you want to approach the transformation of the time, or you want to approach the design culture and how they be applied will be interest, and how the evolve today.

How differentiate the form that transform the meaning of the symbol.

How you express the meaning by transforming you meaning in ambiguous way are sometime not good. May be you want to approach a different way to express through the symbol not from Chinese and must be in other similar English things. See how the use of symbol that somehow relate to the media!!! Not just the using of the symbol, but how you design the form of the symbol is most important, maybe in your case. About interaction, about impact, how it carry meaning, how you enrich the discussion.

If you can take the story into the modern age and imbed into you design of symbol that enrich the implication of the form, the dimension of your story can give punch in terms of the context to your program.

Part II

Chinese word is rich, but the way this symbol work must have some relationship on how it works, or it will be ambiguous. The fact they move, arrange pattern is the issue it can be arrange and transform the meaning of it, and story might be good for design as well.

Emojis as fast developing language is interesting example that western world might see the Chinese as only a cool thing, maybe is a cool way to update the communication way. Leading the abstraction more simple.

Picturing symbol may develop context through time and repeat them will simple the form and  dialogue.

Things like emoji may be good to talk, but fitting it more updated is a way and what this development means to you must be richer.

How to use blender to do it in 3D way is intriguing……


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