2015.05.18 Summer Project Proposal


Yaqin Mao

Student number:


Title of project:

Every symbol has a story

Outline of project idea:

Symbol, which is originally an abstract object, can be referenced to various particular meanings. It is an agenda, with which authorities can use to define regulations, through which artists can express their concepts. Anyhow, the type of a symbol varies, to images, to words, to sounds or forms. The reason that I choose symbol as my tool is because I would like to narrative story in an intriguing way, such as link frames in a montage logic, and also, the converting of each frame links via the variety of some symbols.

I’m trying to use some symbol to create a series of visual narrative works. To express or narrative a series of stories or meanings through channeling some abstract symbols, or by differentiating the symbols.

For examples, oracle-bone inscription, an ancient Chinese hieroglyphic, is a kind of symbol evolved from the simplest figure. Thus the using of all hieroglyphics as elements can narratives a story. And hieroglyphic is a very interesting symbol, the prevailing Chinese words is an evolution from ancient hieroglyphic through thousands of years. Intriguingly, the transformation of society always trigger the evolution of symbol. Simultaneously, the using of symbol is a best way through which the story can be precisely convey.

Along with the development of science, the progress of society, the enhance of living ability and the change of living patterns, many traditional culture is vanishing. Through the research of semiotics, we can learn many intriguing traditional culture, such as the custom stories, myths, art symbols,  lansign and so forth.


hieroglyphic2 hieroglyphic1

Schedule of tasks:

1. Literature Research (11/05-29/05):

Find similar works;

Feasible functions of Blender/Max

Symbols relative research;

2. Details Design (30/05-08/06)

Graphic Design

Select (suitable) material_story

3. Software Learning (09/06-25/06)

Blender/Max Learning

4. Making Animations (26/06-21/07)

5. Final Project Writing (22/07-15/08)

Resources required:

Software: Blender, Max, Flash, Photoshop, Ai

Outcomes expected:

Documents: Graphic Design and Animation.

Final Project Writing


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