2015.0530 SOME EXAMPLE_La Luna/The Last Knit


It’s a simple story, but clearly represent the theme of transformation and inherit. A boy eagers to become a man, like his father and grandfather, reliable. So on the hand he try to replicate their physical behavior, on the other hand, he attempt to work hard as a qualified heir. But the question is, man like his father and grandfather are not the same man who do not share the same behavior, even using different tool in the same work. More importantly, they do not have a traditional belief to solve problems when emergency happens.

Hence, the dream of becoming a man is somewhere else, which is not only to be a man similar to his seniority, but also be a man with intelligience and a sense of responsibility to overcome inciddents without references. When he choose the tool he use to knock the star, he has completed his rites of passage, and found his own way of life.


We don’t need a very complicated story for a few minuites animation, and we don’t even need too many roles and complicated relationship. Maybe the simple, one role, one scene, can hold the whole story, reflecting a higher level of meaning.

In this story, the girl’s addiction to knitting is like her addiction to her ambitions, even through she knitted her own hair and fell off from the cliff for her addiction, she still didn’t give up. But finally when she survived from falling down the cliff, she threw the knitting needles away and started a new addiction……

This story tells many things such as people are easy to addicted to something, and will keep chasing it blindly; and sometimes when we fail in one thing, people with dreams will star to chase a another dream.


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